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Holztiger Eend zwemmend

Holztiger Drake Swimming
Holztiger Eend zwemmend
vrouwtjes eend. hol80024/0520G
€ 7,50
Prijs per stuk

A delicate striped shirt , that will keep your child warm and comfortable. The style is simple and timeless, it can either be used for it self or used with others styles to keep your child extra warm. Therefor the style is suitable year round and can last for years. 

the shirt has a envelope neck so your childs head don’t need screeching though, but fits perfectly and can easily be styles by rolling up the sleeves. 

For a oversize look go 1-2 sizes up. 

The material is COTTON jersey, durable and easy to wash made from mixed materials it also reduces the wast amounts of water used for cotton production. Due to its durable nature it  lasts longer reducing the need to replace frequently.